"You are not a 'chick singer'.  You are one of a very rare breed of jazz vocalists.  You made it easy.  And it's fun getting to play behind a real jazz singer.  Hope we get to do it again."  ---Bassist Bryan Frankie Rizzuto, Providence, RI


SUBJECT: You're SO good 

"Dyan,  I'm  writing to tell you that I stumbled on your {Bandmix} profile and your music sounds SO good! You've got great feel as a vocalist, and the arrangements in your recordings are sick.  You're clearly a great singer and musician. Keep kicking butt out there!"

You were absolutely spectacular flawless perfection.  You blew me away and hit a Home run.  Definitely a magnum opus performance!!!!!!!!!!-- Deb Graff, Innocence Project, Sleepless in Studio City, LA

"The SOUND is AWESOME!  I LOVE the ARRANGEMENTS...And your voice sounds like BUTTER...The instrumentality...just can't say enough!  OUTSTANDING!! " --Jennifer Jones, LA Based Director/Producer/Actor regarding "SOUL of the WATER"

"I love your voice...you could read the phonebook....You're a lady of class...not everybody can be a jazz vocalist"..... ---AJ Parrish, Operations, WEIB 106.3 Radio re: "Soul of the Water" 

"I must say, the way you follow or lead the jazz with your vocals was very impressive. I really enjoyed your singing and drifted off to it yesterday. For that I thank you. The keyboard player in your sessions and the sax player were equally primo.  I heard your Bonnie Raitt rendition (of I Can't Make You Love Me).  Wonderful."   ---(KEITH DeVAUGHN, Poet, Baltimore, Maryland)

“Just turned on my iTunes and Prince, The Beautiful Ones, played. Afterwards, I Can’t Make You Love Me, came on, and I tried to figure out who the awesome singer was, Lalah Hathaway perhaps?  No, it’s Dyan Kane!!!! Love it!” — Jennifer Jones, (Director/Producer/Actress, LA)

"Her voice has the sound of restlessness draped in velvet, like the urgent rush of a whisper moving closer.  DYATRIBE is a conversation of words & sounds shared between musical spirits.  It's a dance of laughter and souls, of heartbreak and silence, of loveliness and passion - a fierce, strident sword, wielded in song."   --Toshi Taenaka, CEO, Interplay Records

"You are a BRAVE SINGER - that's at least 1/2 the work!"   --Cathy Segal Garcia, L.A. based Vocalist/Producer/Songwriter, Arranger, CSG Productions.  www.cathysegalgarcia.com

"....a unique, cool, interesting singer... --Rick Olson, L.A. Based Composer/Arranger/Pianist

 "So glad we're now friends. Got to tell you that your show was unique, your arrangements and style define you and separate your artistry from the pack.  Oh yes, and it certainly didn't hurt that your musicians were top drawer!!...Keep it going girl...Remember...Betty Carter, Nina Simone, Cassandra Wilson...Your audience will find you. Love Drea" -- Drea Courtney, L.A. Jazz Vocalist

"Just wanted to say that I found some of your jazz performances on YouTube and was blown away. You have one hell of an instrument in that voice. Very impressive. "     ---Joseph Tuman

"You are amazing. You are a brilliant singer and a consummate performer! I loved getting to know your voice, your music, your band." --Mario Padilla, Actor/Composer/Writer/Producer/Director

"Didn't need Melodyne or Auto Tune on your voice for the whole track.  Your pitch is spot on!!"
--Nard Berings, Producer, Studio Demo Session: "You Don't Own Me" for Toyota", Freshbeat Studios @ www.freshbeat.net

"So diggin' your CD. Love your energy and so many exciting moments.  'How Insensitive', yeah!   You've really got your own thing It's wonderful!  I'm going to listen many more times Dyan.  Beautiful, thrilling project!"  --Julie Kelly, L.A. Jazz Vocalist/Recording Artist

"Sultry and smart and infectious." --Gary Marks, LA Screenwriter/Producer/Director

"You have leapt way ahead of the music, itself, and have developed a very personal style of singing."
--Dave Ross, L.A. based Jazz Musician and Band Leader

"Hey Dyan, loved your album, especially your Beatle covers. Very sultry." --Brian Ellsworth, Actor

"Dyan Kane's DYAtribe is a great listen. Let me put it this way - whatever song I'm listening to is my favorite because they're all equally wonderful. Her amazing voice, unique interpretations of classics, and awesome musicians make this a joy to listen to again and again. And I'm not even a jazz person -- except when it comes to this CD!"
---Marian Rosin, Comedian/Performer, NYC

"Listening to "Come Together"!  Diana Krall better watch out!" --Somethin Smoothe (Reverbnation)

"What a pleasure it is to hear and see you perform - yesterday was no exception - a real treat! I was knocked out when I first heard you years ago, and somehow you manage top yourself every year since. You did some fresh arrangements of standards, jazz enthusiasts are accustomed to hearing and thought they were terrific. You take risks and continue to stretch (that's what the great one's do). In particular was your scat singing, loved, loved , loved it! Can't wait to hear what you have in store next time out. Thank You, for the wonderful evening of music."  --Arthur Serota, Jazz Enthusiast, Santa Monica, CA

"I know it's hard to be successful as independent but I can see that you have enough talent to make all your dreams come true in 2014!" (--Mark Duschack, N1M)

"I wanna let you know that I started my day with 'I Thought About You', your music is always with me! (-Katherine, N1M)

"Hi I just have to say that you create very good music and it appeals to a lot of people. Happy Holidays to you! I'll be listening to you on my days off, I've just added your n1m page to my faves." (-Jon Rochmis, N1Music)

"Doing great, listening to 'I Thought About You' over and over, amazing work!" (--Isaac Whitley, Number1Music)

"Hi Dyan just listened to your stuff.... I love it !! Your songs are not only great, but you can sing really well too"....-Linda, (Number1Music)

"Dyan...first listen a few days ago...one word...immense....You are centre stage..Thanks for your Heart in your music so I can Feel it!"
--Elena Shiflett (Number1Music)

"Hi. Watching people around me challenged by the seasonal vibrations. When I feel it start to invade my space I turn the music up louder. Listening to 'I Thought About You' right now helps!"
--Robert Viste (Number 1 Music)