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DYAN KANE         SOUL of the WATER       Interplay/DollBaby Music

An actress who is also a talented and adventurous singer, Dyan Kane has an extensive background in jazz. She grew up in New York City and worked as a waitress at the Blue Note for a long period where she got to hear jazz greats on a nightly basis, participating in some late night jam sessions. Since moving to the Los Angeles area, she has worked with a variety of top players (including Rickey Woodard and the late Sam Most) and recorded her debut album Dyatribe. 
On Soul Of The Water, the singer is joined by some of L.A.’s best including pianist Robert Turner, guitarist Joe Gaeta, and tenor-saxophonist Keith Fiddmont. One of Dyan Kane’s trademarks is her surprising (and often-witty) treatments of standards. That can be heard on a rapid version of “Summertime” (which has some fine scat singing), her joyfully eccentric “Caravan,” a relatively straightforward and warm “Moonglow,” an exuberant “Brazil,” and a really uptempo rendition of “Lover Man.” She is also a fine writer, contributing the memorable medium-tempo jazz waltz “Papi’s Back In Town” and her love story “Dial Rio For Me.” The last part of the set finds Dyan Kane reaching beyond acoustic jazz with the rhythmic “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and an electronic transformation of Kurt Elling’s “Esperanto” with keyboardist Dominique Xavier Taplin. 
The music overall is quite stimulating and features the inventive Dyan Kane in top form. Soul Of The Water is easily recommended and available from www.dyankanemusic.com.

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DYAN KANE releases second "SOUL of the WATER" CD

Jazz/Pop Singer DYAN KANE releases her SECOND CD, 'SOUL of the WATER' in OCTOBER!!

(Interplay Records/Dollbaby Music)

 On a diverse set that includes some surprising treatments of standards, Dyan Kane utilizes an all-star cast of top Los Angeles jazz artists including pianists Dominique Taplin & Robert Turner, bassists Kevin O’Neal & Dmitry Goredetsky, saxophonist Frederick Keith Fiddmont, flutist Louis Van Taylor, guitarist Joe Gaeta, and drummers Donald Barrett & Lyndon Rochelle.
An adventurous singer with a beautiful voice and a strong sense of humor, Dyan Kane builds upon the success of her previous CD Dyatribe with the release of her latest recording, Soul Of The Water.
Her wide-ranging program begins with a surprisingly uptempo version of “Summertime” which features her cooking with her rhythm section. Ms. Kane contributed the next two songs, her medium-tempo jazz waltz ‘Papi’s Back In Town” and her fetching and lively love story “Dial Rio For Me” which is partly spoken and partly sung in colorful fashion.
Dyan Kane next performs one of her trademark songs, a joyfully eccentric version of “Caravan” which includes some of her inventive scat-singing, as does "Summertime". Her voice is quite warm on “Moonglow” and she is exuberant on “Brazil” before excelling on the most uptempo rendition of “Lover Man” ever recorded, virtually reinventing the song. The singer concludes the set by showing that her musical interests reach beyond jazz with her rhythmic transformation of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and her electronic version of Kurt Elling’s “Esperanto.”
Dyan Kane grew up in New York City, singing music from an early age while pursuing her interest in acting. She worked for a long period serving drinks at the Blue Note where she soaked in the nightly jazz, learning directly from such greats as Oscar Peterson, Nancy Wilson, Betty Carter, Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae and Jon Hendricks. In addition to sitting in at other clubs, she participated in the 4 a.m. jam sessions at the Blue Note with trumpet great Ted Curson, developing both her jazz foundation and her unique chance taking style.
Since that time Dyan has relocated to the Los Angeles area and worked with such notables as saxophonist Rickey Woodard, the late flutist Sam Most, pianists Jeff Goldblum, Theo Saunders and Mahesh Balasooriya, bassists Ryan Cross and John B. Williams, and drummers Clayton Cameron and Rayford Griffin among many others. On her previous album Dyatribe, she interpreted and reinvented seven songs including “Eleanor Rigby,” “How Insensitive,” and an extensive reworking of Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song.”

The release of Soul Of The Water is a major step forward for the attractive and endlessly inventive Dyan Kane whose unique and accessible singing will be reaching a wider audience beyond Southern California.
More information on Dyan Kane and Soul Of The Water can be found at www.dyankanemusic.com or by contacting her at dyankanemusic@gmail.com. (2 of 9 Sample Tracks below)


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"[DYATRIBE] is a continually intriguing CD.  Dyan Kane, who has a very appealing voice and an adventurous spirit, teams up with a top-notch rhythm section to interpret and reinvent seven songs.  She gives 'Eleanor Rigby' a rhythmically complex treatment, taking the Beatles' tune through several different time changes.  "How Insensitive" is divorced from its bossa-nova roots and sounds brand new. The most extensive performance, Radiohead's "Pyramid Song," is turned into an atmospheric modern jazz ballad that one could imagine Sheila Jordan tackling.  "Willow Weep For Me" is transformed successfully into a jazz waltz while "All Blues" features some of Dyan Kane's inventive scatting.  The program closes with relatively straightforward versions of "I Thought About You" and "Come Together."  Dyan Kane is joined by the talented pianist Robert Turner (who sometimes recalls McCoy Tyner but also has his own fresh ideas), bassist Ryan Cross and drummer Lyndon Rochelle.  While she is naturally in the forefront much of the time, the singer functions as one of the musicians, is generous with the solo space, and she and her trio communicate with each other quite well.  The result is a memorable set of music that contains more than its share of surprises.  Dyatribe is recommended and available from www.dyankane music.com.  --SCOTT YANOW, L.A. Jazz Scene

“The musicianship is right in the pocket and Dyan's phrasing is impeccable. The choice of these songs for her and the band appear to have the unifying effect necessary to pull off a grand performance like this. Dyan is in possession of haunting refrains that make me smile.” James M. Janisse -"The Gentleman of Jazz" (re: DYAN KANE "dyatribe" CD)

“Dyan Kane and the Robert Turner Trio reinvent several familiar songs in unusual and imaginative ways. No matter how complex the music, or how assertive the ensemble, the singer sounds confident and relaxed, floating above it all with fresh improvising and a smile in her voice.”
Scott Yanow, staff writer for ‘The LA Jazz Scene, author of 11 books including "Jazz Singers."
(re: Dyan Kane's debut CD, DYAN KANE, 'dyatribe')

"You have leapt way ahead of the music, itself, and have developed a very personal style of singing."
(Dave Ross, L.A. based Jazz Musician and Band Leader)

"A soft and pillowy deep-house beat is the foundation for Kane's sex-kitten musings.  She writhes and preens admirably..." (Billboard Magazine)

"Dynamic, sensual, multi-talented artist..." (Billboard Magazine)

"Slim, handsome, very serious New Yorker.."  (New York Daily News)